Job reports

Following some types of our diving works:

1. SoW: ROV Inspections and Air Diving services to OSI-CALRAM downline re-instatement
Main Client: Eni Liverpool Bay
Location: Offshore Liverpool bay (UK)
Support Vessel: DSV DP2 VOS Star
Period: October 2016

2. SoW: Air Diving Services during Jacket and Sealines installation
Main Client: Saipem SpA- Croatia
Location: Elettra & Fauzia Platforms Field - Offshore Adriatic Sea
Support Vessel: HLV RAMBIZ – DLB Crawler
Period: 2014

3. SoW: Air Diving, Saturation Diving & ROV Services for Anodes Replacement & NDT
Main Client: Tethys Plantgeria Ltd. - NAOC
Location: Agbara Field - Offshore Nigeria
Support Vessel:DSV DP2 Endeavour
Period: January 2010 - March 2011

4. SoW: Replacement of subsea Electrical Cable - FSO Alba Marina
Main Client: EDISON SpA
Location: Rospo Mare Field - Offshore Adriatic Sea
Support Vessel:DSV DP2 Endeavour
Period: September 2009